Tell your attorney everything


I have been a criminal defense attorney for over 34 years. It fails to amaze me that my clients rarely provide me with all of the information. Apparently, they believe that they need only tell me what they think is important, or what they believe I need to know. Although I go into great lengths to inform them that it is vitally important that I know everything about their case in order for me to represent them as well as I can – some withhold information.

Your attorney is educated and trained to give you the best advice possible. That cannot be done unless you advise them of everything they are asking for. Providing your attorney with all of the information requested allows them to ask for the information you are entitled to receive from the prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies. More importantly, it allows them to prepare to respond to evidence that hurts your defense. The last thing a defense attorney wants is to be in trial and to hear something for the first time and not being totally prepared to respond to it because you did not provide that information. Trust your attorney.

A new phenomenon that I have observed is what I call, for the lack of a better term, “Facebook mania”. It seems that people with Facebook accounts will post anything and everything on their accounts. Many, many, many times, they post information that is discriminatory or in some way hurts their defense. It is no surprise that detectives, either on their own or upon the instruction of prosecuting attorneys, review very carefully the Facebook pages of accused individuals and potential witnesses in trials. The last thing a defense attorney wants to hear is a prosecutor calling him or her up to advise they are sending over newly discovered evidence which consists of Facebook pages from the client’s account. It is really smart to think through everything that you want to post on your Facebook because the posting is permanent! This is even more true if you have engaged in criminal behavior or are accused of criminal behavior.

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