Fireworks and Fourth of July Safety in Tacoma

Did you know that Fireworks are illegal in Tacoma? This 4th of July the Tacoma Fire Department encourages your family to attend a public fireworks display instead of lighting off your own. 4th of July is a very fun holiday, but if you break the law or partake in dangerous fireworks activities then you risk fines.

One of the main reasons for banning fireworks in the City of Tacoma is because of the high fire damage after warm, dry weather. Additionally, the concern for other citizens and their property was a reason for the banning.

If you buy fireworks on Tribal Land and then bring them to Tacoma, you risk fines and confiscation. Fireworks are legal to discharge on Tribal Land.

If you are excited to see fireworks, attend one of the big public shows. These are put on by professionals and are spectacular fireworks. One of the best shows in the area is the Freedom Fair on the Tacoma waterfront.

Be safe this 4th of July and follow the law about discharging fireworks.

For additional information on locations where fireworks are allowed or banned go here.