Real Law: Fitbit Data Solving a Murder

What can be used in a criminal case is constantly changing as modern technology becomes involved. Data is collected and stored on a variety of places including your computer. These things can be used in court. Things such as an internet browser history, files, and data in the cloud can be used.

In a recent murder case, IoT (Internet of Things) data is helping to solve a murder. The data stored on a murder victim’s Fitbit and other electronically stored data are forming evidence against the victim’s husband who has now been charged with murder.

The victim had been wearing her Fitbit activity tracker which showed that she was still moving around and posting on Facebook an hour after her husband claimed she had been murdered by an intruder. The husband had been involved in an extramarital affair in which the women was pregnant. Mounting evidence points to him trying to cover up the murder. The husband also sought to collect on a half million dollar life insurance policy only days after the murder.

There is a right to privacy, and police will generally need a warrant to access IoT data. The data on victim’s devices typically will be available to law enforcement without difficulty.

Sources: FindLaw

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